617-Dog Sledding Racing – Anchorage, AK

Every year during the Fur Rondy event in Anchorage has a three-day sprint dog sled race. It’s a 20 mile course that runs through the city. You can catch the dogs running at many good viewing spots. The course actually runs through my university’s property as it makes a full circle back to the downtown finish line. Mushers compete the three races for lowest overall time. The dogs are bred to run and that’s all they want to do. They get so excited in preparation for the race that it’s fun to watch them. These dogs are not pets. They all live outside in the Alaskan winter and if they get loose, will run away. Not because of mean treatment by the mushers (these mushers love their dogs and give them a lot of attention) but because all they want to do is run. Check out the video to see excited dogs.

617-Dog Sledding5

617-Dog Sledding4

617-Dog Sledding3

617-Dog Sledding2

617-Dog Sledding1