62-Protests – Paris, France

There is always something to protest about in France. It’s either the government is doing too much or they aren’t doing enough. A rule of thumb in Paris is whenever you are out walking around and see a crowd forming – go there. There will always be something interesting or crazy going on. This was a protest about something being staged by about 200 people. They had a leader with a megaphone and another person with a drum. All of the protesters had whistles. You can only imagine what a sound that was. As they marched around in front of the Hôtel de Ville they were watched by at least 100 security people and police. This was a scheduled protest so the police arrived in force just in case things got out of hand. The riot police were stationed at each entrance to the hotel and looked hungry for action. Nothing happened and everybody eventually went home.

protest6Beautiful Hôtel de Ville.


Marching around in circles.


protest5And of course the police ready to kick some ass.



protest4Riot squad hungry for action.

There is always a protest going on somewhere in Paris. I have seen this riot squad roll code-3 through Paris on numerous occasions.