664-Flat Stanley

My seven year old niece Layla had a class project called Flat Stanley. It is similar in respect to the traveling gnome in the Travelocity ads. A gnome escapes a person’s lawn to travel the world. Photos are regularly sent back from interesting places. You’ve seen the ads.

664-Flat Stanley1

664-Flat Stanley2

Instead of a gnome, each child draws Stanley. Since Stanley is a two-dimensional drawings, he is called Flat Stanley. Each child sends out Flat Stanley to friends and relatives near and far. The person receiving Flat Stanley has to photograph him doing something interesting or at an interesting place. Knowing that Uncle Scott lives on the other side of the world (Layla lives near San Diego) Flat Stanley should visit there. Previously I had sent her photos of animals and other crazy Alaskan stuff, so she had an idea of what she was hoping for. Flat Stanley finally arrives so I carried him around in my car. It took less than a day until what I wanted to see happen, happened. I also had to write a story about Flat Stanley and his encounter with whatever. Here is what I saw along with my best seven-year-old writing ability.

Flat Stanley and the Moose

Flat Stanley went on a trip way up north to Alaska. He wanted to see a real live moose so he hitched a ride in his friend Scott’s car. Flat Stanley and Scott drove all over Anchorage, Alaska in search of a moose. Finally, on the third day, Flat Stanley spotted a moose by the side of the road. Flat Stanley wanted to be in the window right next to the moose but Scott told him that was not very safe. Moose are real big and very dumb. They can easily get scared and may hurt you if you are in the way when they run. Flat Stanley said he wanted to be a safe traveler to he had Scott put him in the window and then had Scott drive about ten feet from the moose. Flat Stanley waved with both hands as Scott took the picture of him and the moose. Flat Stanley said goodbye to Scott and went off to his next adventure.