68-Jeans From France?

Back in 1495 Henry the 8th of England used rolls of cotton cloth made in the city of Gênes, France (pronounced ”jeans” and “France” – ha) to decorate his castle. “Jeans” now became the common word for heavy cotton cloth. 100 years later, the cloth was used to make work clothes in the City of Nîmes, France. This gave rise to the term “de Nî mes” for these clothes and thus the word denim was born. In the 1850s Levi Strauss dyed these heavy cotton pants blue resulting in “denim blue-jeans.” I don’t know where the term Levis “501 Relaxed Fit” came from. I think it stands for American big butt, since they don’t sell “relaxed fit” jeans in France. People aren’t fat in here.