683-Patriot Act

Everyone should sleep easier these days – I am no longer on the TSA’s “No Fly List.” Thanks to editorials detailing my displeasure with George W. Bush a few years ago, I found myself on the “no fly list.” I thought Nixon was the last president to use government agencies to harass citizens who don’t agree with them. Well, up until recently, every time I went through an airport it was: “Take off your belt and open the front of your pants.” Then be patted down, metal detected, wiped down for explosives, and all my bags searched – every fucking time for three years. I finally ran into the head TSA guy at the Anchorage airport who told me what I needed to do to get off the list. What a bunch a bullshit if a middle-aged mild-mannered professor is put on the list by angry political hacks – who among us is safe? Apparently, there have been so many people put on the list by Bush’s people that when you now make an airline reservation there is a special “redress” field you can fill in with your “I’m not a terrorist” TSA number.

683-Patriot Act2

Big Brother – George W. Bush – Keeping America safe.

Since receiving this letter I haven’t been searched once.
But I did kind of enjoy that open up the front of your pants in an airport thing.