693-I Found A Dog On A Plane

Went to New Orleans again with Janine to hopefully go out into the gulf and put her dad’s ashes at sea in his favorite fishing and diving spot about twenty miles off the coast. But unfortunately, tropical storm Bonnie and the BP oil spill made that venture impossible. Still had a great time as you can in New Orleans. Got lucky with an upgrade and flew the red-eye from Anchorage, AK to Chicago and then on to New Orleans first class. My lucky night. So after a short meal, I snuggled down for a snooze. I had my inflatable neck pillow, eye patches, and headphones on and passed out. About 3:00 in the morning, I was awakened with something licking my hand (every guys dream). I pulled up my eye patch and looked down to find a dog had jumped up on my leg and wanted up in my lap. I picked him up, he gave me a couple of kisses, spun around a couple of times in my lap, put his head on my hands, and went to sleep. So what are you supposed to do, ring the flight attendant call button and announce a stray was on board? Upon arrival in Chicago at 6:00 AM the girl next to me awoke to find her pooch has escaped from his bag under the seat and was in my lap asleep. His name was Rocky and he was a four-month-old miniature Italian Greyhound. He had the body of a small Jack Russell with 18” legs. He looked like a baby deer. Rocky gave me a couple more kisses and back into his bag he went. Now I can say I found a dog on a plane.