694-WW II Museum – New Orleans, LA

While in New Orleans I checked out the World War II museum. It’s quite the sobering event to see the hardship, struggle, and human misery that was inflicted on the world by power-hungry fanatics. Everyone should visit this museum at some time in their life. You will come away with the appreciation that war is not the answer to peace in our time. The brutality and human sacrifice that is exhibited (for those of us who weren’t there) is numbing. Here are a few photos.

694-WW II Museum19612th Field Artillery pack mule.

694-WW II Museum18American tanks.

694-WW II Museum17C-47 transport.

694-WW II Museum16British Spitfire.

694-WW II Museum14

USS Fanshaw Bay.

694-WW II Museum13

Japanese surrender.

694-WW II Museum12

New Orleans newspaper.

694-WW II Museum11American soldiers in Germany.

694-WW II Museum10D-Day.

694-WW II Museum9German weapons.

694-WW II Museum8

694-WW II Museum7American weapons.

694-WW II Museum6Comparison of troop levels at the start of the war.

694-WW II Museum5American propaganda posters.

694-WW II Museum4Japanese propaganda posters.

694-WW II Museum3Honolulu newspaper.

694-WW II Museum2Recruitment posters.

694-WW II Museum1C-47 transport.