712-USS Midway – San Diego, CA

USS Midway (CVB/CVA/CV-41) was an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, the lead ship of her class, and the first to be commissioned after the end of World War II. Active in the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert Storm, she is currently a museum ship at the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum, in San Diego, California. (stolen from the web)

712-USS Midway21

712-USS Midway20E-2 Hawkeye.

712-USS Midway19SH-2 Seasprite.

712-USS Midway18SH-3 Sea King.

712-USS Midway17CH-46 Sea Knight.

712-USS Midway16Nuke carriers USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan.

712-USS Midway15

712-USS Midway14F-8 Crusader.

712-USS Midway13USS Carl Vinson nuking into port with a destroyer going to sea. Notice sailors lined up on the destroyer with rows of other sailors on the carrier’s flight deck edge.

712-USS Midway12

712-USS Midway11H-34 Seabat.

712-USS Midway10F/A-18 Hornet.

712-USS Midway9A-1 Skyraider.

712-USS Midway8F-4 Phantom II.

712-USS Midway7A-4 Skyhawk.

712-USS Midway6F-14 Tomcat.

712-USS Midway5SNJ Trainer.

712-USS Midway4SBD Dauntless.

712-USS Midway3

712-USS Midway2USS Midway museum.

712-USS Midway1USS Midway in action.