714-Tall Ships Festival – San Diego, CA

Here are a few shots of San Diego Harbor, the Tall Ships Festival, and the docked boats.


714-San Diego Harbor11

714-San Diego Harbor10HMS Surprise.

714-San Diego Harbor9

714-San Diego Harbor8

714-San Diego Harbor7

714-San Diego Harbor6San Diego Maritime Museum.

714-San Diego Harbor5Star of India.

714-San Diego Harbor4

714-San Diego Harbor3Sculpture of the famous end of WWII kiss that took place in Times Square New York City.

714-San Diego Harbor2Seals on a commercial fishing bait dock. They’re waiting for a free meal of the bait fish that are in live cages under these floats. The seals are laying on the doors to get to the bait.

714-San Diego Harbor1Navy & Coast Guard ships doing their thing.

714-San Diego HarborDry dock for a sub.