715-Project Kaisai Junk – San Diego, CA

This is some of the junk the Kaisai crew collected on the voyage. The worst are fishing nets. When a fishing boat gets a snag, they usually cut the net free and sail away. Unfortunately, these nets catch other debris that floats and thus keeps the net up and fishing. These “ghost nets” catch turtles, dolphin, and every other sea creature that may unfortunately swim in to it. Since these nets are not emptied by fisherman, they fill up with dead creatures. That end of the boat was pretty when I got on board.

715-Kaisai Junk10

715-Kaisai Junk9

715-Kaisai Junk8

715-Kaisai Junk7

715-Kaisai Junk6

715-Kaisai Junk5

715-Kaisai Junk4

715-Kaisai Junk3

715-Kaisai Junk2

715-Kaisai Junk1