716-Project Kaisai – San Diego, CA

Kaisai returned from the voyage via San Diego. These are photos of the boat as the crew raises and lowers the sails. The boat has 15 sails and all were up for the entrance into San Diego Harbor and the Tall Ships Festival that was going on that weekend. I got to cruise with them around the harbor.

The crew was able to locate and document thousands of pieces of sea debris and collect some of it. Here are some shots of the boat and crew.

716-Project Kaisai30

716-Project Kaisai29

716-Project Kaisai28

716-Project Kaisai27

716-Project Kaisai26

716-Project Kaisai25

716-Project Kaisai24

716-Project Kaisai23

716-Project Kaisai22

716-Project Kaisai21

716-Project Kaisai20

716-Project Kaisai19

716-Project Kaisai18

716-Project Kaisai17

716-Project Kaisai16

716-Project Kaisai15

716-Project Kaisai14

716-Project Kaisai13

716-Project Kaisai12

716-Project Kaisai11

716-Project Kaisai10

716-Project Kaisai8

716-Project Kaisai6

716-Project Kaisai5

716-Project Kaisai4

716-Project Kaisai3

716-Project Kaisai2

716-Project Kaisai1