72-More Metro Music – Paris, France

The Paris Metro is a marvel to behold. There is always a station nearby and I have never waited more than 5 minutes for a train at any time of the day or night. The stations are well lit and clean. I never once had a moment of trepidation in any station as I sometimes had experienced in New York City when odd characters would be hanging around. One of the coolest things about the Paris Metro is the constant music. At almost every station there are top quality musicians performing for the passersby. This was one of my more interesting musical experiences.

I was making a Metro line change in a station I had never been through before. I followed the direction signs to my new train and turned right into a tiled 10 x 10 foot tunnel that was at least 100 yards long. As I turned the corner, I heard some great tenor sax playing way off in the distance as if it was a dream moment. I walked for many minutes with the music getting louder with each step. As I reached the end of the tunnel there was a guitar and sax duo playing away. Stopping, I listened for a few minutes, left them some money and walked on down the next tunnel. This new tunnel was as long as the first one and as I walked for many minutes, the music got fainter and fainter. When I finally reached my train, I thought this musical experience was fabulous. These musicians selected this special spot because of its acoustical properties. I had been in almost every station in Paris and the acoustics at this location were superb. I walked back the 100 yards to their location and listened more and took this photo.

The experience of hearing great music way off in the distance and gradually homing in on it is analogous to seeing a mirage way off in the desert and fruitlessly chasing it. Except this musical mirage appeared and I left them money – so it must have been real.