725-Car Show – San Francisco, CA

So I’m walking at the end of the wharf and stumble on a mini-car show. The local boys pulled out their rides for a little beer and polishing. These spit shinned originals glowed in the artificial lighting of the street begging you to get behind the wheel. I shot some shots until I was accosted by the guy in the red car. When I took his picture I first thought he was flipping me off and then jumped out of his car to kick my ass. Instead I found he was giving the hand “M” sign for the Mission District gang. He showed me how to do it and I asked him if I was seen on the street doing the hand sign would I get killed? He laughed and said No, only if I would send him copies of photos of his car. I did. When I get to SF again I think I will look up Danny the Barber.