73-Metro Music – Paris, France

Châtelet is the largest Metro hub in the Paris subway system. Many of the subway lines intersect at this huge underground shopping/transportation super center. The main lines that feed the east/west and north/south areas of Paris all connect here. These lines all intersect at one centrel intersection in the Châtelet station. Most Metro stations have solo musicians or duos. This intersection has large groups that play scheduled performances. Every hour the musicians change. One hour may be a Romanian ethnic orchestra. Another hour might be a twenty piece string orchestra playing Mozart. Another hour a group playing Peruvian music would take the stage. It was this last group I was able to record a little video. These groups play everyday and apparently make a living from the thousands of passersby. Each group has an attractive female who works the crowd selling their CDs and soliciting donations. I dig free entertainment.

[vimeo id=”81523532″ width=”620″ height=”360″]