731-Straight to Hell – San Francisco, CA

This is what I mean by people watching in the Tenderloin District. I was in San Francisco during Fleet Week. The Navy was in town, sailors everywhere all looking for a good time. Most sailors were told by their CO to at least stay in two’s and most were in some sort of group. I spotted this lone young sailor standing on the corner of Titty Blvd. and Lap Dance St. twirling the cap on his water bottle and trying to rationalize his manly needs with his Jesus training from back home. He paced around a little bit, got out his wallet and counted his money, took a couple of deep breaths, turned around and walked down the street quietly disappearing into the a crotch bar.

731-Straight to Hell4Okay, I put the censor bar on his face to make sure if anyone ever tried
recognize him they would have a tough time.He’s just a kid on-shore
after his first time away from home. Have a little horny compassion for the kid.

731-Straight to Hell3I know I’m going to go straight to Hell.

731-Straight to Hell2Just keep walking – you can do it.

731-Straight to Hell1Come on in big boy and I’ll help you shiver your timber.