732-Tenderloin District – San Francisco, CA

I love hangin’ out in the seedy sections of town. I loved the old 42nd St. in New York City before it was Disneyized. These are funky places but safe if you keep your wits – especially at night. There is great people watching in these areas of cities. There’s always something interesting going down and I love to catch the vide and be a lurker. I’ve only been in a titty bar one time in my life and find I don’t need to go again. I would rather people watch outside for my kicks.

732-Tenderloin7Titty bar to the left, titty bar to the right, and Big Al in the middle.



Looks like something you’d see in New Orleans.


The grandmother of them all – the original Condor Club.



World famous “Hungry I.”

732-Tenderloin1And they were.