742-Xmas In Hawaii

Made a stop in Hawaii last December visiting friends and relaxing. Here are some of the cool things that make Hawaii a wonderful place.

742-Hawaii Stuff14This web was bout five feet across. The spider was a serious contender.

742-Hawaii Stuff13The jungle is fruitful.

742-Hawaii Stuff12I love Maui.

742-Hawaii Stuff11They only sold clothes – dammit.

742-Hawaii Stuff10Another view of Waikiki beach.

742-Hawaii Stuff9

Duke Kahanamoku

742-Hawaii Stuff8

This is my Santa. Shaka baby.

742-Hawaii Stuff7Waikiki beach. Is there any wonder I hate this part of Hawaii. So much sun-burned fat.

742-Hawaii Stuff6And the cops have cool cars. Tricked-out code 3 Mustang.

742-Hawaii Stuff5They have gold plated Uggs.

742-Hawaii Stuff4Yup it was Xmas and this is how Santa appears on the island. Santa’s the one in front with the hat.

742-Hawaii Stuff3Always a rainbow happening.

742-Hawaii Stuff2Sunset from the hotel.

742-Hawaii Stuff1Classic restored 50’s woody surf wagon.