755-Haleakala Volcano – Maui, HI

The Haleakala on Maui is one of the only volcano craters that is bipolar. The rim of the crater splits the island into two sections – dry and wet. The dry side of the island receives little rain while the wet side is lush and green.

At the time of my visit, the temperature on the beach was 85 – 90. At the top of the mountain is was 40 degrees with fifty mile an hour winds bring the wind chill to about 25 degrees. Nipple cold when you are in shorts a tee shirt and flip flops.

[googlemap width=”620″ height=”480″ src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?q=haleakala+national+park&hl=en&ll=20.6996,-156.148682&spn=0.819595,0.97641&sll=37.269174,-119.306607&sspn=11.149065,15.622559&hq=haleakala+national+park&t=m&z=10″]

755-Volcano Maui12Pheasant on the trail.

755-Volcano Maui11This is how the wet side works. Clouds can’t make it over the crater.

755-Volcano Maui10Photographer to Scott, “Backup just a little.”

755-Volcano Maui9On the edge – in more ways than one.

755-Volcano Maui8

755-Volcano Maui7Crater edge is quite steep on each side.

755-Volcano Maui6Looking towards the beach where I took the wind surfing photos.

755-Volcano Maui5Wet side of the crater.

755-Volcano Maui4Moonscape.

755-Volcano Maui3Elevation 10,023 feet.

755-Volcano Maui2Very top with the telescopes.

755-Volcano Maui1At the top.