766-Weed – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the weed capital of Europe. There are small “coffee shops” all over the city. And you cannot get a cup of coffee in a “coffee shop.” You have to go to a cafe. Most “coffee shops” have a counter with a large coffee table book filled with photos of all of the various products they sell. Behind the counter is a rack of containers filled with every type of weed you could want. When you ask counter guy what he recommends he will ask you, “What do you want to do, eat, take a walk, listen to music, have sex, go shopping, go to the gym?” You tell him and he fixes you up with something special. And as people have told me, it’s really special.

766-Weed Amsterdam6What’s growing in that window?

766-Weed Amsterdam5Yes, that’s a gas mask bong.

766-Weed Amsterdam4Behind the counter at a “coffee shop.”

766-Weed Amsterdam3The original “coffee shop.”

766-Weed Amsterdam2Accessory shop

766-Weed Amsterdam1I really don’t think I need a history of weed.