777-Sex – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. In the “red light” there are women in small cubicles standing right next to you on the street behind glass. It’s quite disconcerting to walk around a corner and standing less than two feet from you behind a window is a naked woman pressing her tits against the window at you. Accessory shops are everywhere. Amsterdam is quite the lively city with a lot of unique sights.

777-Sex Amsterdam7That’s a drill powered dildo.

777-Sex Amsterdam6Love the term “sex palace.”

777-Sex Amsterdam5

777-Sex Amsterdam4

One of the window girls in the “red light” district.

777-Sex Amsterdam3Looking up the canal in the “red light” district.

777-Sex Amsterdam2Sex shops everywhere.

777-Sex Amsterdam1Yup, that’s the Travelocity gnome with a giant woodie.