802-Venice Beach, CA

I have wanted to visit Venice Beach, CA for as long as I have lived in California. Finally visited Santa Monica and trekked up the beach to the freak show. Here are some great shot along the beach front.

802-Venice Beach19

802-Venice Beach18

802-Venice Beach17

802-Venice Beach16

802-Venice Beach15

802-Venice Beach14

802-Venice Beach13

I think I have a headache and need some medication.

802-Venice Beach12

802-Venice Beach11Ready for the anal probe???

802-Venice Beach10

802-Venice Beach9This guy eventually jumped on the glass with bare feet.

802-Venice Beach8

802-Venice Beach7

802-Venice Beach6

I’m a doctor???

802-Venice Beach5


802-Venice Beach4

802-Venice Beach3Starry starry night.

802-Venice Beach2Love a good freak show.

802-Venice Beach1

This guy is outside the “freak show” and is in an nine foot high tree suit.