815-Project Kaisei – San Francisco, CA

A year ago Janine went on a mult-week voyage on the research ship Kaisai to study the North Pacific Gyre. During our recent trip to the San Francisco area we had the opportunity to go for a day sail around the San Francisco harbor and under the Golden Gate Bridge. The Kaisai is a thirteen sail Brigantine that originally trained Japanese sailers. Click below to see other posts on the Kaisai Project.

815-Project Kaisei21Under full sale off the coast of San Francisco, CA.

815-Project Kaisei20Neighbor ships at the dock. An old WWII tug boat.

815-Project Kaisei19

815-Project Kaisei18USS Iowa.

815-Project Kaisei17

815-Project Kaisei16

Janine in the rig

815-Project Kaisei15

815-Project Kaisei14Heading towards the bridge.

815-Project Kaisei13

815-Project Kaisei12

Under the Golden Gate Bridge.815-Project Kaisei11

815-Project Kaisei10

815-Project Kaisei9

815-Project Kaisei8Heading back towards Alcatraz Island.

815-Project Kaisei7

815-Project Kaisei6

815-Project Kaisei5

815-Project Kaisei4Janine in rig under Golden Gate Bridge.

815-Project Kaisei3

815-Project Kaisei2

Under full sail

815-Project Kaisei1

Yes I’m driving.815-Project Kaisei