829-Camaro – Maui, HI

We got lucky on Maui by parlaying our rental car into a brand new Camaro convertible muscle machine. This road hog had a huge engine and was about 4 inches off the ground and was my first experience with a real race car. We drove the thirty miles to Hana which is one of the world’s most curvy roads without a single lean of the car on a turn. In other cars I have rented and driven to Hana, every turn was a step on the brakes and lean along with the KIA or Hyundai economy tin can. This heavy race car was completely different. Instead of hitting the brakes, I was able to hit the gas and power around every turn. It was thrilling. I also tested the big engine at a few stop lights and got to chirp the tires and get up to sixty in a couple of seconds. Every time I started the engine, I got a a woody. I’m glad I didn’t have to work a clutch too.

829-Camaro4Curvy road to Hana all along the cliffs overlooking the ocean below.

829-Camaro3Workin’ it on the island

829-Camaro2Who the hell is that guy back there. I think I’ll show him not to leave his cart behind my car at Costco. Yes there is a Costco on Maui.

HPE700-Convert-FrontOkay, this was a photo stolen from the web, but this was the car.