830-Wurlitzer Organ – Fullerton,CA

I have always loved the huge Wurlitzer organ in the Plummer Auditorium since I was a high school student. Over the years the auditorium went through periods of dis-repair and disuse. Eventually the people of Fullerton embraced the importance of the auditorium and renovated the hall along with the mighty Wurlitzer organ. The organ is one of the few remaining working models of the instrument in the world. I happened by the auditorium one afternoon during a visit and saw an organ concert beginning in fifteen minutes. I stopped everything, pulled over, purchased a ticket and had a bombastic experience. The organ is again amazing and wonderful. If you are through Fullerton, CA and get the chance to hear this mighty instrument, do it.

The video was shot in total darkness from the back of the hall so the visual is a little funky. Just watch it for the audio.

[vimeo id=”79448055″ width=”620″ height=”360″]