831-Joshua Tree National Monument, CA

Went to SoCal to visit my parents and because of a freak snow storm in Seattle, the only flight Janine could get going south for several days was to fly to Palm Springs. I landed in Orange County, stopped off at my parents to say hi and headed to the desert to pick her up. We stayed with some friends that night in La Quinta but stopped off a Joshua Tree National Monument for a quick hike on the way back to SoCal. I used to camp here many years ago in Boy Scouts so it was a return to my old stompin’ grounds. The rocks haven’t changed much in forty years. Still one of the best collections of boulders thrown around by a supreme being playing dice or something.

831-Joshua Tree1

831-Joshua Tree2Used to camp near this rock pile fifty years ago in Boy Scouts.

831-Joshua Tree3Name sake – the Joshua Tree.

831-Joshua Tree4

831-Joshua Tree5

831-Joshua Tree6

831-Joshua Tree7

831-Joshua Tree8

831-Joshua Tree9

831-Joshua Tree10

831-Joshua Tree11

831-Joshua Tree12Loved this shot of the dead tree and the jet contrail.

831-Joshua Tree13

831-Joshua Tree14

831-Joshua Tree15

831-Joshua Tree16

831-Joshua Tree17Stayed with friends who have a home on the golf course where the Bob Hope tournament was being played. Had brunch on the back porch and watched the pros hike by.

831-Joshua Tree18

831-Joshua Tree19

831-Joshua Tree20Wind generating farm outside Palm Spring in Cabazon Pass.

831-Joshua Tree21

831-Joshua Tree22Sign outside Palm Springs. I don’t think so.

831-Joshua Tree23

831-Joshua Tree24Oh my yoga queen. Let’s do a head stand in that dead tree.