866-Sheraton Sukhumvit – Bangkok, Thailand

Stayed one night in the Five Star Sheraton Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok. I have to say it was the classicist hotel in which I have ever stayed. I was not accustomed to all of the minions following us around asking if they could do this or that for us. Shine your shoes, do your laundry, turn down your bed, free drinks and snacks in the bar for you, haul your bags, open the door for you, layout your clothes, wine in the room, I asked Janine if I could get a girl to dry me after my shower. She said okay. I love this hotel!!! Yea right, like I ever said that. Janine said get used to staying in places like this – she has connections, and I said okay.

866-Hotel1There was a very international crowd at this hotel so the buffet breakfast was amazing. I had sushi and kimchi along with papaya and bacon. That was just my first plate.


Buddhist shrines everywhere

866-Hotel5An amazing roof top garden pool.


866-Hotel3Princess in the pool.