868-Public Utlities – Bangkok, Thailand

When you live in a place for a long time you become used the the way infrastructure and public institutions work. When you travel to other lands and cultures, things can become obvious of what works and what doesn’t. Here is one observation I had in Bangkok.

Apparently there are no rules for public utilities such as electrical and communication lines. If you need one, you get a crew and string one up. Just in the few days we were in Bangkok, we saw crews stringing lines by hand – no trucks or equipment required. Check out some of this action.

868-Public Utlities17

868-Public Utlities13

868-Public Utlities12Stringing the new phone line right through the power transformers.

868-Public Utlities11Here was a crew stringing a new line while people walked the sidewalk. Checkout the bamboo ladder.

868-Public Utlities9

868-Public Utlities8

868-Public Utlities7

868-Public Utlities6

868-Public Utlities5

868-Public Utlities4

868-Public Utlities3

868-Public Utlities2

868-Public Utlities1