869-Transportation Bangkok Style

Transportation in Bangkok is a little different. You can take a subway (very clean, efficient, and modern), you can take the skyway monorail (very modern, clean, and fast), you can take a bus (the same in any city), you can take a cab (the same in any city), or you can take a tuktuk. A tuktuk ride is the cheapest thrill ride you can take on the planet. For a couple of bucks, you can hurtle through Bangkok traffic going upwards of 50 mph dodging busses, cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, without a seatbelt, with your arms and legs hangin’ out – waiting to die. This is not your tuktuk that they have in Cambodia that is pulled by a Honda 50 motorcycle (check it out in a later post) and goes about 20 mph top speed. These are high-powered death mobiles steered by maniacs who want to make sure any tourist has pissed their pants.

869-Transportation3This is the Devil that made me drop a load in my britches.

869-Transportation2This isn’t your souped golf cart. It’s a 3-wheeled trike from Hell.

869-Transportation1All dressed up like you’re going to a funeral – yours!