870-Street Food – Bangkok, Thailand

Whenever we travel we find much of the adventure in eating street food. Yea there’s a risk to it, but as long as the food has been properly cooked (generally on a open grill) you can mitigate much of that risk. Yes, we don’t drink the water and even brush our teeth with bottled water (except in high end hotels) because that’s where most of the danger of getting the “travel trots” exists. This trip to Thailand was wonderful. The street food in Bangkok was as good as anywhere. Here are a few shot of what we found.

870-Street Food19

870-Street Food18

870-Street Food16

870-Street Food15Always stay away from fresh fruit that they washed. Cut open the fruit yourself to be safe.

870-Street Food14Fresh coconut juice.

870-Street Food13Yes, those are bugs. Didn’t have time to try them.

870-Street Food12Cockroaches. Can you believe it!!!

870-Street Food11

870-Street Food10

870-Street Food9

870-Street Food8

870-Street Food7

870-Street Food6

870-Street Food5

870-Street Food4

870-Street Food3

870-Street Food2

870-Street Food1Locals waiting for the after work donut.