873-Miscellaneous Thailand

This post is a miscellaneous bag of photos that fit nowhere else.

873-Miscellaneous Thailand12Getting our daily massage.

873-Miscellaneous Thailand11

873-Miscellaneous Thailand10

873-Miscellaneous Thailand9

873-Miscellaneous Thailand8Yea, Monks get to go to the front of the line – everywhere!

873-Miscellaneous Thailand7Sculpture in the Bangkok airport.

873-Miscellaneous Thailand6

873-Miscellaneous Thailand5I got nothing on this.

873-Miscellaneous Thailand4Monks in jail?

873-Miscellaneous Thailand3Goddam cats.

873-Miscellaneous Thailand2No room on the street, just drive on the sidewalk.

873-Miscellaneous Thailand1Yes they deliver McDonalds in Bangkok.