874-On The River – Bangkok, Thailand

Our hotel in Bangkok faced the river. Out of our window I could follow the boat traffic up and down. If you have seen other posts in this blog you know that I enjoy sitting by the Mississippi River in New Orleans and watching the busy river. The river in New Orleans is predictable with the same types of huge ships coming and going. This crazy river had all kinds from huge barges to speed boat river taxis. To explore some of the main tourist attractions you rode a river taxi with the locals. Great fun and great views.

[vimeo id=”80223234″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

874-On The River15Out the hotel window – a little hazy.

874-On The River14

874-On The River13

874-On The River12

874-On The River11

874-On The River10

874-On The River9

874-On The River8These are the crazy speed boats that ply the river. They are the tuktuk drivers of the river.

874-On The River7

874-On The River6Apparently there are no rules for the river. The bigger or faster you are everyone else should look out.

874-On The River5They have direct drive to a propeller on a shaft. The entire motor is balanced on a pivot and the driver controls the boat by physically lifting the motor and shaft to the left or right to turn or completely out of the water to stop.

874-On The River4Here comes the Ark.

874-On The River3The boats have huge turbo-charged diesel engines that haul.

874-On The River2

874-On The River1