875-Floating Marketplace – Bangkok, Thailand

Had to visit the Floating Marketplace outside Bangkok. It used to be a real marketplace for the locals, but has turned into a tourist trap – but still a must see. It’s about an hour and a half outside Bangkok so we had a driver and guide (very inexpensive) for the half-day trip.

The first part of the trip is in one of the high-powered speed boats that shoots you through the canals of a large agricultural area. Along the way are temples, shrines, homes, and orchards. Once you arrive at the marketplace you switch to a slow paddle boat and cruise the canals filled with tourist shops and food vendors. It was very cool to pull your boat up along side a food vendor and order a snack that they prepare and pass to your boat. It was a touristy thing, but I’m glad we did it.


[vimeo id=”79447693″ width=”620″ height=”360″]