876-Snake Show – Bangkok, Thailand

There was no way I was leaving Thailand without seeing a cobra show. I had to go by myself but that was okay. It was everything I wanted to see in a snake show – and more. Check out this craziness.

[vimeo id=”79447606″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

876-Snake Show12Getting ready for the snake show. The ole-bag-o-snakes.

876-Snake Show11This is the photo I wanted. Man vs. cobra.

876-Snake Show10

Then he milks the cobra in front of us.

876-Snake Show9

876-Snake Show8I’d hate to run into this guy in a dark alley especially if he had snakes with him.

876-Snake Show7Dat a big snake.

876-Snake Show6

876-Snake Show5This is when I got to touch the cobra for good luck.

876-Snake Show4Okay, who would have ever known that a cobra has two penises. It’s something I didn’t need to know.

876-Snake Show3This is the pissed python from the video.

876-Snake Show2

876-Snake Show1Snake catching with your mouth.