885-Turnagain Arm – Alaska

Had to do the final look at winter outside Anchorage driving along Turnagain Arm. Here a few photos of winter as it doesn’t go away fast enough. Notice in the video how fast the out-going tide moves through Turnagain Arm. There are 20-30 foot tides in this area that are extremely dangerous.

[vimeo id=”79447604″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

885-Turnagain Arm19

885-Turnagain Arm18

885-Turnagain Arm17

885-Turnagain Arm16

885-Turnagain Arm15

885-Turnagain Arm14

885-Turnagain Arm13

885-Turnagain Arm12

885-Turnagain Arm11

885-Turnagain Arm10

885-Turnagain Arm9

885-Turnagain Arm8

885-Turnagain Arm7

885-Turnagain Arm6

885-Turnagain Arm5

885-Turnagain Arm4

885-Turnagain Arm3

885-Turnagain Arm2

885-Turnagain Arm1