898-Eagles At Jazz Fest – New Orleans, LA

Okay, I thought I was toooooo cool to go see the Eagles perform. I usually stay away from the main stage because I hate the million strong all fighting for a view. But we went near the stage to check them out. The closest we could get was viewing the giant screen through a tent flap. So much for the visual. The sound at Fest this year was sooooooo bad with people actually booing at some shows. I walked out of a few shows with some of my favorite performers because the sound was so poor I couldn’t stand to listen to my musical stars damaged this way in my ears.

But, the Eagles did not rely on the house sound crew and definitely brought their own. Their performance and sound was amazing. I was dazzled at the old guys (older than me) singing new stuff as well as their old war horses as good as I’ve ever heard them. The harmonies were perfect and the blend and balance between all of the instruments and voices top notch. It was like listening to the recordings except with 300,000 other people. I stand corrected about the old guys. I’m glad I stopped by.



898-Eagles2Digital camera don’t like LED screens.