9-If You Ain’t Got It – France

There are no credit cards in France. The concept of credit doesn’t exist here. Everything is paid with a check book or a debit card. Unlike other countries, the French apparently live within their means. It they ain’t got it, they can’t get it. The only caveat is if you make a larger purchase at a store, you can get a few months to pay it off from that store. To get this opportunity, you have to show three months pay stubs, verification of your address by showing bills, etc. and have a bank account they can debit. Instead of taking forever to pay something off, a larger purchase price is divided up into say, three months – three payments that are automatically debited from your bank account. The concept of credit in other countries, is apparently is based trust. You sign your name for a purchase and “promise” to pay for it sometime in the future. Many cultures in Europe are not based on trust. It appears credit is a Western concept based on “I want it NOW, and will eventually declare bankruptcy anyway.”

In France if you purchase a home over 400,000 Euros, you have to take a major physical and fill out piles of paper on your health, medications, drinking habits, etc. If you are over weight or too thin, they assume you are unhealthy and will probably die and not pay off your debt and thus your don’t qualify. This means that fat people can’t have an expensive house. How many Americans would be tossed out on the street if they got weighed to get a mortgage?