921-Yellow Fin

We had the opportunity to tour a new friend’s boat – The Pacific Yellow Fin. This beautifully restored is a former wooden Navy mine layer. It has been completely restored by Colin Griffin. For a better look check out his web site at: pacificyellowfin.com. The boat plies the seas of the North Pacific especially the Vancouver and British Columbia areas. Here are a few photos if this amazing ship.

One of the coolest things on the Pacific Yellow Fin is the engine room. The ship is powered by twin Atlas Imperial engines. These low-RPM diesel engines are the old-school variety with all of the moving parts on the outside. They spin at a constant 300 RPM and are extremely quite if you have ever been in the engine room of a ship this size.

921-Yellow Fin1

921-Yellow Fin12

921-Yellow Fin11

921-Yellow Fin10

921-Yellow Fin9

921-Yellow Fin8

921-Yellow Fin7Still have to crank the handle to signal the engine room to go full speed ahead.

921-Yellow Fin6

921-Yellow Fin5

921-Yellow Fin4

921-Yellow Fin3

921-Yellow Fin2Check out this cool engine room and how quiet it is in he video below.

[vimeo id=”79412895″ width=”620″ height=”360″]