932-Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is a wonderful, beautiful, fun, clean city. Janine and I recently visited the city and spent some time exploring the downtown area before we departed on a brief sailing adventure.

932-Vancouver7Vancouver at night – what a delight.

932-Vancouver6Vancouver as dusk.

932-Vancouver5Outside our hotel window was public karaoke going on twenty three floors below. It was horrendous and echoed up through the buildings like the speaker was outside our patio. The howling of young Japanese girls screeching some anime theme song was like chalk board scratching.

932-Vancouver4Now I see why there are gun control laws in Canada. More people in the city would probably own high-powered rifles if this was to continue on a regular basis.


932-Vancouver2With all of the Chinese immigration, this city is beginning to look like Hong Kong with this style of apartments.

932-Vancouver1Downtown looking towards some of the former Olympics venues.