936-Project Kaisei – Scott in Rig

I’m not the most coordinated guy in the world and have a high center of gravity, so rig climbing was not on my list of accomplishments until I got on board. As I watched the “rope monkeys” scoot up and down the rig I realized I had to face my fears. It’s not a height thing, but a falling thing. The difficulty is not the rope climbing, but platform climbing. The rope ladders stop under the platform so you must climb out from under platform, lean back in an almost horizontal manner, grab above the platform, push your legs out straight, and somehow pull yourself up around and over until you are on top of the platform. This was terrifying!!! But I had help. As with anything new and dangerous, I wanted training and a spotter for my first time. Ben the former fireman is a big strappin’ guy who can climb about in the rig as if he was Janine’s size. He climbed right up behind me giving me pointers on where to place my feet and hands, when to lean back, when to grab up high, and when to let go and pray to the God of my choice. I made it with his help. When I reached the platform, my chest was beating so hard and I was filled with so much adrenalin i could barely breath. Of course I had to have this captured from the deck and with my own camera. The next day I went up to the first platform myself. I showed those fears who was boss.

936-Scott in Rig3On my way up.

936-Scott in Rig2Made it.936-Scott in Rig8View from the rigging.

936-Scott in Rig7