941-Hirshorn Museum – Washington, DC

Okay, there was a lot more great art at the Hirschorn other than Mr. Pissy . The featured artist was Ai Weiwei from China. His works were very creative and his use of art as political tool were well represented in the museum. Many of his works reminded me of early Andy Warhol and his “factory” to produce a large quantities of industrial art for the masses. Weiwei’s art had meaning, was very personal on many levels, and often shared his pain from the brutality of the Chinese government for speaking out.

941-Hirshorn16Ai Weiwei’s million lights installation.




941-Hirshorn12Cute girl with other stuff.

941-Hirshorn11Ai Weiwei’s photo collage of the building of the Chinese Olympics.

941-Hirshorn10Made from scrap wood from ancient temples.

941-Hirshorn9Ai Weiwei’s stoolarama.


941-Hirshorn5Ai Weiwei’s wooden chambers


941-Hirshorn4Ai Weiwei’s 1,000 sticks of flowing rebar.

941-Hirshorn3Stainless steel  tree.

941-Hirshorn2Ai Weiwei’s 10,000 porcelain crabs.

941-Hirshorn1One of my favorite pieces in the garden of the Hirshorn as this structureless schulpture reaches for the sky.