946-My First Aurora

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in Alaska is a big deal. People constantly watch the forecast on the Geophysical Institute web site waiting for the next amazing experience. I have previously driven hundreds of miles attempting to be in the right place at the right time. I have even gotten up at 3:00 AM and driven to the top of a local mountain in hopes of a cheap thrill. I finally gave up and realized I will see it when I see it. Well it took five years for me to finally embrace the light. The Aurora is apparently happening all of the time over the poles (even during the day) but clouds and other weather conditions often hinder your view when it is over your town. When it’s right, the phone trees begin. People will call you in the middle of the night if they know you have an interest. We got the call one evening (we would have never known) and went outside on the back porch and there it was right over head. It floated so near you could almost touch it – even though it’s doing it’s thing at an altitude of 60 miles. All the next week long-term Alaskans commented that this display was a great one. I’m glad it was my first.

946-My First Aurora1Geophysical Institute web site indicating that this night is very quiet and if you are lucky to see any northern lights they will be in the green band from Barrow to Ft. Yukon


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