967-Hemingway House

Visited Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West. His compound was quite a handsom property. It was very New Orleansesque with stately house up front with private gardens behind. It has been fully restored and is now a landmark selling tickets and holding weddings.

967-Hemingway House17

967-Hemingway House16Cats everywhere. Those six-toed beasts freely roam the property.

967-Hemingway House15

967-Hemingway House14

967-Hemingway House13

967-Hemingway House12Cat house in the design of the main house.

967-Hemingway House11Here is where the writing took place in the office behind the main house.

967-Hemingway House10

967-Hemingway House9

967-Hemingway House8

967-Hemingway House7

967-Hemingway House6

967-Hemingway House5

967-Hemingway House4

967-Hemingway House3

967-Hemingway House2

967-Hemingway House1