969-Key West Harbor

Key West is a great little town. It’s kind of like a tiny New Orleans. Interesting people abound along with blue skies, palm trees, and a bar in every other building. Here a few random shots.

969-Key West Harbor14Old customs building at the harbor – now a museum.

969-Key West Harbor13

969-Key West Harbor12

969-Key West Harbor11

969-Key West Harbor10

969-Key West Harbor7Every couple of days another cruise ship. This is the dock where tourists view the sunset. The ships have to be going by 5:30 PM or they get fined for blocking the sunset.

969-Key West Harbor6Tree stump painted as an octopus.

969-Key West Harbor5

969-Key West Harbor4

Key West lighthouse.

969-Key West Harbor3

Next stop Cuba.

969-Key West Harbor2Looks like New Orleans. Beautifully restored home that is the southernmost house in the continental US. Its next door to the buoy in the next photo.

969-Key West Harbor1