978-Hard Rock Hotel

On another site visit, we stayed one night in the Hard Rock Hotel near Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. What an amazing hotel. This was another all inclusive resort – everything was included. The property was huge and we virtually needed to ride a cart to get from one end to the other. The beach was gorgeous and the food was good. Since it was a Hard Rock Hotel, each room has a rock n roll theme. We had a hot tub, open bar, champaign and wine in our room when we checked in and a personal tour of the property by one of the managers. Oh to be in the travel industry. I thought years ago of being in the music industry and getting all of the  tickets and backstage passes was cool, but this beat that all to Hell.

978-Hard Rock Hotel20License plate from Madonna’s car.

978-Hard Rock Hotel19Long view.

978-Hard Rock Hotel18

978-Hard Rock Hotel17

978-Hard Rock Hotel16

978-Hard Rock Hotel15

978-Hard Rock Hotel13

978-Hard Rock Hotel12

978-Hard Rock Hotel11

978-Hard Rock Hotel10

978-Hard Rock Hotel9

978-Hard Rock Hotel8And an Elton piano.

978-Hard Rock Hotel7

978-Hard Rock Hotel6Sammy Hagar’s hotrod.

978-Hard Rock Hotel5Oh surf rock.

978-Hard Rock Hotel4

978-Hard Rock Hotel3Janine standing by Madonna’s Lincoln Continental from her (Madonna’s) “Snatched” tour or something like that.

978-Hard Rock Hotel2

978-Hard Rock Hotel1No tiny bottles of booze here in the room mini-bar. This is the resort for fat alcoholics. You can eat all you want and drink yourself silly – and then sit at the beach. What a concept.