979-Punta Cana Airport

Flying in and out of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is a different experience than flying around the US. The airport is cut out of the jungle and the terminal is a huge grass covered hut next to the runway. When we were leaving on a Sunday, there were probably twenty planes parked all over the taxiways. There are no spouts to load the plane. When your flight is called you just walk out to the plane and go up the stairs. We flew out on LAN Chilean Airlines on our way to Miami in a brand new 767. Quite a different experience than slugging along in a 20 year old USAir 737 from Newark to St. Thomas. Sunday is not the day to travel off the island. Thousands of people were all going home – mostly to Europe, Russia, and South American countries. The sign below just happened to be the only other flight that afternoon going to the US.

979-Punta Cana Airport2Thousands of people waiting in the grass covered hut/terminal.

979-Punta Cana Airport1Just walk right out to your plane. No problem.