981-Zip Line

We had the opportunity to ride a zip line through the mountainous jungle of the Dominican Republic. It was two hours by truck into the outback and up a long rough dirt road. This zip line had twelve stations shooting you back and forth across the hills and valleys. The longest line was 800 meters zipping you 200 meters over a valley and river. The fastest line went over 45 MPH and was a quick short one. Here are a few photos of the jungle, lines, and docking stations in the trees. It was exciting and I would do it again.

[vimeo id=”79412272″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

981-Zip Line8Helmets of dead zippers.

981-Zip Line7If you are over 200 pounds you can really zip fast and make it all the way to the end.

981-Zip Line6

981-Zip Line5

981-Zip Line4

981-Zip Line3

981-Zip Line2Janine was almost too light for a couple of the zip lines. She ran out of speed at the end of one of the runs and had to pull herself into the station.

981-Zip Line1Here is Janine zipping away.