985-Inauguration – Puerto Rico

It just no happened that the inauguration for the new Governor of Puerto Rico was happening the day we were there. We heard music coming from the other side of the fort and of course had to go check it out. Thousands of people were there, a huge orchestra, speeches, flags, artillery fire salutes, cops on every corner, and it seemed a fun time for all. Being silly Americans, we climbed up on the hill overlooking the festivities where no one was so we could get a few good photos before the cops rousted us. You just plead “no habla espanol” and walk away – easy as Puerto Rican pie.985-Inauguration12

985-Inauguration11Then there’s this guy just strolling up the street looking cool. You’d think he was the new Governor.


985-Inauguration10Apparently, the new Governor was to process up this street after all of the speeches. Unfortunately we had to leave for the airport before he came along.

985-Inauguration9There were cops on every street corner just standing around.


985-Inauguration7The new Governor began speaking and went on and on just like every other South American President can. We left and went to lunch and even after our lunch he was still speaking.

985-Inauguration6Suits and speeches. How long can this go on. That Catholic guy with the red hat gave the longest prayer I have ever heard. It was really hot and he prayed forever I eventually wanted to see Jesus just to make him stop.


985-Inauguration4This is where we got busted by the cops trying to get this photo of the artillery and of the festivities.

985-Inauguration5Still got the photo.

985-Inauguration3Janine at the fort overlooking the state capital and the festivities.

985-Inauguration2Yummy stewed chicken with caribbean spices and fresh salad.

985-Inauguration1During the inauguration festivities we fell into this little caribbean food restaurant prepared by a woman from the island of Nevis. There was no menu. You ate what she was preparing that day. Television was on in the background with all of the speeches and flag waving. Or course we are with Bob.