990-St. John

Took a short ride to St. John for a day and night. St. John is a very laid back and calming island with wonderful people, great beaches, and great barbecue. Stayed at the Westin on the beach. Here are a few shots.990-St. John12Looked like a place you would expect to see Santa.

990-St. John11Uncle Joe’s B.B.Q. – da best on the islands!

990-St. John10Above Trunk Bay.

990-St. John9On

990-St. John8Pussy scooter.

990-St. John7We really want to be Catholic, but are afraid.

990-St. John6Local biker dude.

990-St. John5Local cab.

990-St. John4On the car ferry heading into St. John.

990-St. John3

Sail boat along the way.

990-St. John2Leaving St. Thomas.