As I have stated in previous posts, I never try to eat anything larger than my head. Well, there are times you have to go against your best intentions and go for it. We were at the restaurant after a boat ride out towards St. Croix to deposit Janine’s dad’s ashes into the sea at his favorite dive spot. The seas were quite rough and even though I was heavily medicated, it was a difficult trip for me. When we returned to the St. Thomas Yacht Club I needed major food and spotted this burger on the menu. It had extra large patty with multiple cheese slices, bacon, onion, pickle, tomato, lettuce, thick bun, and a fried egg inside along with a side of fries. I went for it. It took several other people at the table to help me finish it off.

991-Hamburger2Largest burger I have ever seen.

991-Hamburger1Going for it with a supportive audience.