997-Natural History Museum-Animals

Had to visit the the best natural history museum in the world – the one in New York City. The previous week I saw a television show on the man who was the first to create life-like taxidermy of African animals and design natural diorama settings. As long as I was in the city, it was a quick subway ride to check it out myself. Here are a few of the dioramas in the African room.

997-Natural History-Animals12Main hall with full-size whale hanging from the ceiling. All of the various dioramas are around the sides on a couple of levels. Great exhibit!

997-Natural History-Animals11

997-Natural History-Animals10

997-Natural History-Animals9

997-Natural History-Animals8

997-Natural History-Animals7

997-Natural History-Animals6

997-Natural History-Animals5

997-Natural History-Animals4

997-Natural History-Animals3

997-Natural History-Animals2

997-Natural History-Animals1